Transmeta offers new smaller Crusoe chip

Transmeta announced on Monday a new chip that it said uses one-third the space on a notebook's motherboard that its current Crusoe processors do.

Transmeta said that because the Crusoe TM6000 takes up less space than current versions of its chip, it is ideal for use in a growing number of smaller, thinner and lighter notebooks and handheld PCs. The Crusoe TM6000 will be available in the second half of 2002 at speeds running at 1 Gigahertz, or one billion cycles per second.

The TM5800, which is experiencing delays due to glitches in its manufacturing process, is expected to be available at speeds up to 800 megahertz in the current quarter and at 1 gigahertz in the first half of next year.

News source: Reuters

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