Unboxing Lenovo's Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR experience

If you're like anyone who's a fan of Star Wars, then chances are that at some point, you've wished that you can get in a lightsaber fight. Beginning on Friday, you'll finally be able to do just that.

First teased in mid-July, Lenovo and Disney teamed up on a new augmented reality experience called Star Wars: Jedi Challenges. It comes with the AR headset, called the Mirage, and yes, you'll get your very own lightsaber, which is modeled after the one that Anakin Skywalker used, followed by Luke, and now Rey.

But it's not only lightsaber fights, although that might be the best part. There's also Holochess, which you probably remember from Star Wars: A New Hope, and Strategic Combat, a battle simulation game. Lenovo also says that there's more to come.

The last piece of the puzzle is the Tracking Beacon, a spherical device that sits right on your floor while you're being struck down and becoming more powerful than Darth Vader can possibly imagine. This pretty much serves as a sensor to let the headset know where the floor is.

Check out our unboxing video below:

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