Use OneNote tools to make holiday shopping fun again

A series of new OneNote features were released this Tuesday, seemingly just in time for the holiday shopping season. Clip products and save webpages to OneNote and pull them at any time using your phone, tablet or computer.

With this new tool shoppers can clip a product on and OneNote Clipper will simplify the clip down to the key pieces of information and save it. You can now save the best deals from other popular online retail websites such as,, and The feature works with the Email to OneNote service and it's available on pretty much every platform.

OneNote Clipper also comes in as a handy tool for capturing and organizing digital coupons taking into consideration that most of the shops will just scan the coupon bar codes right from your phone.

You can just snap deals to OneNote by using Office Lens. You won't be losing extra space with newspaper ads or inserts because the image is automatically cropped, cleaned up and saved to OneNote.

In addition to all that, other visual improvements were made and support for PDF clipping was also included. OneNote Clipper is available for all platforms for free on all your devices.

And finally a tool was also released for the iPhone and iPad that lets you clip entire articles right from apps and save to OneNote, called Sight, that is available here.

To get started and find out more details on the clipping experience you can go to the OneNote Clipper page. Happy Clipping.

Source & Images: Office Blogs

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