Vivaldi introduces two-level tab stacks for easier access

Vivaldi 3.6 has been made available today and it brings two-level tab stacks. If you’ve never tried Vivaldi, it is jam-packed with advanced features, one such feature is tab stacks that lets you group several tabs into a group, in prior versions, you would hover over a tab and select the one you wanted from a list but now they have their very own tab bar.

The second row of tabs is not always visible, it only appears when you click on a tab stack grouping. Once clicked, the second tab bar will appear – it may sound a bit overwhelming but the tabs in this second bar appear and act in exactly the same way as any other tabs. If you’re not a fan of the system, you can simply switch back to the compact view by going to Settings > Tabs > Tab Stacking and selecting Compact.

A graphic show two-level tab stacking and compact tab stacking

Another benefit of having a second row of tabs appearing is that it’s easier to create new tabs within a stack. On the new tab bar, just press the ‘+’ button to create new tabs within a stack. Of course, the new layout works even if you move your tabs bar to the side or the bottom of the browser window. If you like your keyboard shortcuts, you can continue to use Ctrl + Tab to cycle through your open tabs.

If you already use Vivaldi you can update to the latest version by following the instructions on Vivaldi Help. If you do not yet use this power-user focused browser, you can download it straight from the Vivaldi homepage.

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