Watch a month-long wait unfold for Switch launch day at the Nintendo Store in New York

Whenever there is a highly anticipated product launch, there will always be those dedicated enough to queue in line and wait overnight. But, what about waiting a month in advance? We've seen it before with the iPhone, but it looks like someone is doing it for the Nintendo Switch.

Alexander Pekala better known as CaptainNintendoDude was first in line at the flagship Nintendo Store in New York. If you have never waited in line for a product launch or have wanted to see what it might be like, Pekala will be uploading daily vlogs detailing the day to day activities during his month-long wait. In order to better succeed, he even received some pointers from Triforce Johnson (first in line for multiple Nintendo consoles), who will be sitting out the launch of the Switch and effectively passing on the torch to Pekala.

Nintendo will release the Switch console on March 3 for $299.99. Pre-orders for the console went live earlier last month and sold out quickly. In order to compensate for the expected demand, Nintendo will launch with 2 million consoles in the first month.

Source: CND (YouTube)

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