'When Lumia 920 kiss Surface, who win?'

If you read the title and were a bit confused, it’s because it was the subject line written by a Chinese individual in an email to Stephen Elop. As the story goes, and we can’t confirm that the actual email response was from Elop, an individual in China dropped a Lumia 920 on to the screen of their Surface and, as you would expect, the Surface did not survive.

Nokia has a long history of building rock solid devices and it is often joked that Nokia’s are capable of breaking anything they come in to contact with. In this case, the Lumia 920 bested the Surface’s screen as you can see in the image above and the consumer was hoping Nokia would pay for the damages.

Obviously Elop was not willing to cover the expense as it was not Nokia’s fault but it is a bit amusing to see that his first reaction was to make sure that the Lumia 920 was ok (as if there was any doubt). Elop then suggests that the individual contact Microsoft as they will be more able to help with the situation but we doubt they will repair the product for free as it is the fault of the user and not Microsoft.

Even though the Surface is incredibly well built, large glass screens are typically prone to being shattered when hit by a hard object such as a Lumia 920.

Source: Mydrivers.com | Thanks for the tip Faikee!

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