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Microsoft implies users shouldn't worry about Windows Phone 8 support ending

Following news that support for Windows Phone 8 would end next year, Microsoft has reminded users that Windows Phone 8 devices will still be supported.

The Windows Phone team posted the reminder on the official Windows Phone account, saying the switch from the Windows CE core used in Windows Phone 7 to the Windows NT core used in Windows Phone 8 will allow devices using the latter operating system to be upgraded.

Microsoft is essentially trying to assuage users who may be worried that they'll have to buy a new device when support for Windows Phone 8 ends next year. Unlike Windows Phone 7 devices that can't be upgraded to support Windows Phone 8, however, the implication is that future Windows Phone upgrades will still work with Windows Phone 8 devices.

The impending Windows Phone Blue upgrade, in other words, would likely come to the devices, though Microsoft doesn't say that outright (possibly because carriers would have to make that announcement).

So while June 8, 2014, will mark the end of support for the Windows Phone 8 operating system, users with devices running that OS likely shouldn't have to worry about support ending for their smartphones – they'll just have to worry about how quickly their carriers will get the next version of the OS to them.

Source: Windows Phone Twitter via Windows Phone Daily

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