Which sweet, tasty treat will Android N be named after? Google wants your suggestions...

Google announced Android N, the next major update for its OS, back in March. As the company hosts its annual I/O developer conference this week, many were hoping that we'd find out exactly what the 'N' stands for - but it's not quite ready to make that announcement just yet.

Google traditionally names its Android versions after sweet, tasty treats - for example, the most recent version, which is currently on 7.5% of active devices, is Marshmallow.

But the company said today that it's proved 'more difficult' than expected to choose the right name for Android N, and as a result, it's inviting you to have a hand in deciding what it should be called. Simply go to android.com/n to submit your suggestion - but bear in mind that Google has already said that it won't consider Namey McNameface as a possibility...

Some of our readers already proposed a few of their own suggestions when we discussed possible names for Android N in March - be sure to check out their ideas, and share your latest suggestions in the comments below.

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