Wifi bulb manufacturer LIFX working on Windows 10 Universal app

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LIFX, a manufacturer of smart WiFi-connected light bulbs is currently working on making its current Windows 10 app Universal, adding support for Windows 10 Mobile. In an email sent to Neowin in response to a query, a representative at the company stated that they're working on it.

The original query questioned the lack of a mobile app for the Windows 10 Mobile platform, asking if they could begin to work on one, recommending the Universal platform, as they currently offer a Windows 10 app for the desktop.

Email sent from Neowin to LIFX

Kate Sullivan from LIFX promptly replied, stating that they're "aware of" the lack of a mobile app, and are "working on this". Sullivan continued by saying that the "update should be released within the upcoming months".

LIFX email to Neowin, in response to Windows 10 Mobile query

As the original query mentioned the Universal platform, and LIFX responded by marking it is an 'update' rather than a new app, it seems that LIFX will be upgrading their current Windows 10 app to be Universal. This could bring many improvements, should LIFX decide to utilise them, such as support for Xbox One (controlling your lights from your console) or the upcoming HoloLens (controlling them with your eyes).

More information on the upcoming update is expected as LIFX gets closer to releasing its newly updated app.

It is one of several apps that are coming over to the Windows 10 Mobile platform, with Dropbox launching earlier this week.

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