Windows 8 Wikipedia page vandalized, 'review' inserted

While Wikipedia has become a massive one stop shop on the Internet for research, the fact is that anyone could go into any web page on the site to put up false information. Today, it appears someone went much further than that when it comes to the Wikipedia page devoted to Windows 8.

The page itself is now disabled from being edited by any new or unregistered Wikipedia users due to vandalism. contacted Wikipedia and found out that someone decided to delete much of the content on the page, replacing it with a hate filled "review" of Microsoft's latest OS.

Everyone hated Windows 8. The interface was useless, it looked like a drag queen on steroids. And the operating system is extremely unstable on mobile devices, which would guaranteeing angry shoppers who has used a mobile device that ran on a Windows OS before. Save yourselves and use either an iPad or an Android mobile device.

The page was quickly restored but was deleted again by the same person, this time with an even more incoherent message stating that Windows 8 was a "Flop Programme." That message was also deleted and the full Windows 8 page entry was restored.

The only clue to the identity of this Wikipedia vandal is the IP address he or she used, which CNET says makes it look like it came from a college in the Miami, Florida area. As a rule, Wikipedia's owners at the Wikimedia Foundation don't try to go after page vandals. However, it also shows that there's at least one person out there who perhaps feels a bit too much hate towards Windows 8.

Source: CNET | Image via Wikipedia

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