Windows Phone users can once again access Google Maps

Google has made good on its word and has lifted the block that was preventing Windows Phone users from accessing Google maps via the phones IE browser. Google initially claimed that it was blocking all non-Webkit browsers from accessing the service as they said it offered a poor user experience.

Whatever the true motive behind Google's blocking of Windows Phone users from accessing the service is still a mystery, for those that need the service, you can now do so via your Windows Phone.

While we do wonder if Google only caved after public backlash, it was a bold move on their part to intentionally block a competitors product. The timing of the move was also interesting as well as the move came directly after Google escaped the FTC with relatively no wounds. 

Knowing that Google has now restored the access is a good move on their part but it does raise concern if and when we will see Google try and take similar actions again. We can be sure that the ecosystem wars are only getting hotter and this move by Google could foreshadow the future of the web. 

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