Wish fulfillment? Microsoft's OneDrive video shows an iPad thrown in a fish tank

Microsoft is promoting the launch of OneDrive today with a new YouTube video that tries to show how the cloud storage service can be very useful for people who own more than one device. The clip even shows products that don't use Microsoft's operating systems.

The clip itself is actually very moving at the beginning, as it shows a montage of people taking videos and pictures of various events before showing the OneDrive service itself as a way where all of that content can be stored in one location.

Then the video gets a little bit comedic as we see a young boy throw what is almost certainly an iPad into a fish tank. The idea, of course, is that even if there were important files, photos or clips stored on that iPad, all that content can be copied safely on OneDrive, and can be accessed on other devices (in this clip's case, a Lenovo Yoga Windows 8 notebook-tablet hybrid).

That's the idea anyway, but we have to wonder if the whole "throwing the iPad in a fish tank" notion is also something of a wish fulfillment fantasy for Microsoft. It may be a little bit of a jab against Apple as Microsoft tries to compete in the tablet space with its own Surface tablets.

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