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Xbox Live Career system gets detailed in new report [Update]

Earlier this year, it was reported that Microsoft will be adding a new Career system for Xbox Live. It's aimed at esports players and those that frequently play the same game, when the current Gamerscore system might not represent them properly.

A new report from Windows Central's Jez Corden details how the new feature will work. The Xbox Live Career system won't replace the current Gamerscore system; instead, it will work alongside it. Gamers will be able to earn EXP that can be redeemed for loot crates that add items to your Xbox Avatar, and it will likely be integrated with Microsoft Rewards as well.

Microsoft is testing the following for earning EXP:

  • Total playtime across all games, to be updated at specific milestones.

  • EXP level milestones.

  • The number of games you have played.

  • Simply playing a set number of games per day.

  • Competing on Xbox Live, although it's not clear in what context, whether as part of Tournaments or general multiplayer games.

  • Creating content on Xbox Live, perhaps by sharing game clips and so on or streaming.

  • Earning regular Gamerscore achievements.

Another thing noted in the report is that your Xbox isn't going to spam you with notifications all day as you earn EXP. Instead, it will only spam you with a notification once per day, showing you all of the EXP that you've earned.

The new Career system will likely be shown off at Microsoft's E3 briefing in June, so gamers in the Xbox Insider Program will likely see it shortly after that.

Update: Microsoft's Mike Ybarra has confirmed that the report from Windows Central was not accurate, and the Xbox Live Career system is not in development.

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