Yahoo! Mail gets new design and features; launches Yahoo! Ad Free Mail for $49.99 a year

Yahoo! launched the first version of its free web-based email service 16 years ago today, and it still has tens of millions of users, even with competition from Google and Microsoft. Today, the company announced a revamp of Yahoo! Mail, a few months after it shut down access to the first version of the desktop interface.

The Official Yahoo! Tumblr page has the details on the changes to the email service, including a feature that finally allows multiple emails to one subject to be viewed as if it were a chat conversation. Actions such as searching, starring, and deleting emails can now be handled by one click on the desktop when a cursor hovers over the email. Yahoo! Mail also has new support for background themes, which can be seen on both the desktop as well as its many mobile clients.

Many features that were previously part of its paid Mail Plus subscription have been added for the free version of the service, including automatic message forwarding, disposable email addresses, and support for enhanced email filters. Also, the amount of email storage on Yahoo Mail has been expanded to 1TB of space for free users.

People who paid $19.99 a year for Yahoo! Mail Plus will find that their account has been turned into Yahoo! Ad Free Mail, which will continue to offer those users a way to view Yahoo! Mail with no ads. Email accounts will also never go inactive with Yahoo Ad Free Mail. While previous Mail Plus users can continue to paid their current $19.99 yearly subscription price for Yahoo! Ad Free Mail, new subscribers will have to pay a whopping $49.99 for the same service.

Source: Yahoo! | Image via Yahoo!

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