You are limited to download one iso per day :)

Oh.. found this on the Register a few minutes ago :)

Looks like a UK ISP is going to be limiting or putting a "cap" on the amount you can download on their DSL service. So much so, that an online petition has been setup for users to try and get their ISP Kingston Communications to change their minds.

According to Technical Specification of Karoo RapidTime ADSL service, "DownStream Daily Download Quota 24hr period: 700MB"... Ooh!

Not only does the petition question the decision to cap downloads, it also highlights dissatisfaction at Kingston's decision to force subscribers to use a "discontinued USB (Universal Serial Bus) ADSL modem manufactured by 3Com".

Says the petition: "The [ADSL service] is not what anybody expected it to be. After waiting what has seemed like an eternity, KC (Kingston Communications) have messed up big time. Even BT's 'Openworld' service is far superior to it.

"For a service that is advertised to be 'always-on' a 700MB 'cap' could bring this always on service down to only a few hours a day depending on how busy the service was.

"Why should Hull residents be treated differently from the rest of the country?"

News source: The Register

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