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Black Friday 2022: Seagate Toshiba 8TB 10TB 14TB 18TB CMR NAS hard disk (HDD) deals

Those shopping around for computer parts these days must be having a pretty good time compared to the situation two years ago. That's because there have been some generally excellent deals throughout most PC parts. We have been covering these deals on graphics cards, processors, and also on storage components like SSDs including NVMe, and CMR hard disks for NAS.

Seagate Exos and Toshiba X300 hard disk

While you should certainly check out the links above as most of those deals are still live, in this article, we have added some more options for HDD models that have fallen in price (buying links below). These are, once again, based on the Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) technology making them excellent drives for Network Attached Storage (NAS) or other similar heavy-duty usage scenarios.

We have sorted them in descending order in terms of storage capacity. However, make sure to check the spindle speed (in RPM) as well since lower RPM means lower read and write speeds. And do also mind the cache amounts where the higher cache is better.

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