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This could be the thing that tips me over the egde and heading online with credit card in hand.


Shortly after, we were shepherded into a demo room where we got a first-person, headsetted hands-on and it was an exhilarating experience, with absolutely no nausea even in our frequent tailspins. If you're as rubbish as us, though, a passenger mode also lets you ride shotgun and have someone more accomplished show you around.

It appears lower resolution and slightly lacking in detail as Evolution is clearly aiming for the hallowed 60 frames per second, with the game pared back in this demo to accomplish it so far.

The driving demo has you in a topless car, peering out the top, presumably because it struggles to process dashboard details so far, but the passive passenger demo gives you a full cockpit view, so it's in the works.

Yet the lack of rearview mirrors is the only obvious omission that hinders gameplay, and more features will be built back in as the game progresses to launch next year.

Evolution also told us that, of course, you'll be able to play the game with a DualShock if you're not stocked with wheel and pedals, while you can even do a third-person view in VR if you don't want to switch entirely, looking down on your choice of motor like a God.

Riding shotgun is pretty cool :p

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That's pretty sad. I remember that is the exact same time Project Gotham Racing went down hill, with the 4th installment by adding motorcycles. 


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Hardcore mode coming Feb -



Rustchynsky made the reveal on Twitter, where he noted that this new mode will remove traction control, stability control and other assists. He also embedded the following 30-second video showing the new mode in action.


Video at link.

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