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Tesla Cybertruck

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macoman    2,667

from a revolutionary point of view, cybertruck are revolutionary and very aerodynamic but I will not buy it yet until probably they are in the market for at least 10 years. I never like to buy anything first generation. 

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cork1958    1,753
On 11/27/2019 at 12:46 PM, Circaflex said:

All the technology in the world could be packed into that vehicle, but I wouldn't drive it. That "truck," is ugly.

Same here! Makes me wish I still had my El Camino though. :)

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Peresvet    200
8 hours ago, DocM said:


One last try, staying in the Ford family; Explorer (SUV) and F-150 (Pickup.)


Explorer wheelbase: 119.1"

F-150 wheelbase: 122" - 163″


Explorer track: 66.9"

F-150 track: 67.6" - 73.9″ 


In short, the truck has a larger footprint. Also, for going over obstacles like a ridge,



Approach angle: 20.1°

Departure angle: 22°

Break over angle: 17.1° - 17.7°

Clearance: 7.9" - 8.3"



Approach angle: 24.1° - 25.5°

Departure angle: 23.8° - 26.4°

Break over angle: 18.3° - 21.0°

Clearance: 8.4" - 9.4"


More is usually better for off-road, 

Finally, we've mentioned clearance, approach/departure angles, and large footprint.


But for off-road, you need a short wheel-base which is why F150 and Cybertack will fail.


Still thou, no mention of such basic must-haves as:


locking differential,

transmission capable of supplying high torque at low speeds,

adjustable tire pressure,





Warning: don't try to do any of that with Cybertruck, F-150, or any Ford for that matter.


And just FYI, this little beast costs more than $100,000. Available in the U.S. and Canada :D 


P.S. Yes, it can swim in water.

Edited by Peresvet

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dead.cell    4,450
On 11/29/2019 at 9:55 PM, DocM said:

$39,990 (1-motor 2WD) and $49,990 (2-motor AWD) are also options.


Just sayin'

Is that before or after your estimated savings?  Reason being that the Model 3 you purchase from their site is at $39,490 before taxes/fees. Think you have to do a special order to get the $35k pricing still.



@Peresvet, I don't think it's been mentioned here yet, but I was reading about concerns regarding towing boats. Supposedly, the Tesla warranty doesn't cover going into bodies of water, which makes me wonder if they'll protect/secure and guarantee the Cybertruck when launching boats and whatnot.  Hopefully that gets addressed, if it hasn't already.


(also not trying to sound like a debbie downer, but I'd like to stay realistic when it comes to measuring the capabilities as I hate getting my hopes up)

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DocM    16,649
9 hours ago, dead.cell said:

Is that before or after your estimated savings?  Reason being that the Model 3 you purchase from their site is at $39,490 before taxes/fees. Think you have to do a special order to get the $35k pricing still.



$35k Model 3's are special order because so few were being purchased; everyone was ordering the Long Range or Performance. Base models of most cars are the same.


State sales taxes, registration and licensing fees are always extra.


As of Jan 1. 2020 new Tesla purchasers will no longer get the federal EV income tax credit - it starts phasing out after the manufacturer produces 200,000 electric vehicles. State issued credits are different.


Tesla posted this promo. Wonder if they're going to to start media advertising as Cybertruck, Model Y and Roadster 2 get closer? 




Edited by DocM

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DocM    16,649
Posted (edited)

Monday Tesla closed at $451.54 (+1.93%), in part to Chinese production of Models 3 and Y (up to 7 passenger CUV) ramping up. Early open is $460.22.


Automobile Magazine...



The Tesla Cybertruck Is the Concept Car of the Year: Here's Why

For starters, it was seriously unexpected.

Robert Cumberford (a protogee of GM's Harley Earl)

Polarizing objects are things you either instinctively love or loathe, no middle ground whatsoever. Tesla's Cybertruck is about as perfect of an instance as you'll ever encounter, however long you might live.

We love the basic idea and shape. Some critiques we read in the first few hours after its initial reveal suggested it to be a manifestation of unimaginative brutality, crude, ugly, and totally impractical. It is certainly different from traditional pickups, which apart from size have not really changed in concept in 100 years. Is it better than the tens of millions of pickups made during the past century? That remains to be seen, but as a concept vehicle it's both exciting and profoundly interesting.

Just the ease of loading is a revelation (excepting from the side, of course). Air suspension raises the front end and lowers the rear, and the tailgate becomes a ramp that allows rolling vehicles-think bikes and Tesla's own ATV-up into the bed without a struggle. A practical roll-up bed cover serves as an aerodynamic fairing when cargo is not taller than the flying buttresses, and it makes sense in terms of energy saving.

Designating the styling as "brutal" shows a complete lack of comprehension as to how subtle and intelligent the Cybertruck's designers were in defining its outer skin, applying the ancient Greek architectural idea of entasis, the not-readily-perceptible distortion of flat planes and straight lines to curves to make them seem straight to the human eye. The Greeks applied the idea to stone columns and to the façade of the Parthenon temple.
...As electric vehicles become more common, the old questions of drivability caused by unsophisticated pollution-control systems will have totally disappeared and very likely new vehicle purchases will revert to norms preceding the clean-air legal disruptions. Meaning, we think, that pickups-as-family cars will decline in market importance, but electric pickups will become prevalent.

If that is so, the virtues embodied in the Cybertruck will leave it in good stead: easy loading, low center of gravity, excellent on-road and off-road performance. And, perhaps most important of all, striking appearance, something new and different provided along with traditional capabilities.

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DocM    16,649

TSLA: $478.15
Valuation: $86.18 billion




Product Mix is Shifting. Model S and Model X may get discontinued, thereby paving way for CyberTruck or maybe CyberCar, 2 years from now.

On relative basis, we saw much more Model S and Model X coming from the Production Area to Holding Area


We think, there is some burst in production of both Model S and Model X

We have taken the Test Ride in CyberTruck.

The technology of CyberTruck is exponentially over and beyond both Model S and Model X.

CyberTruck is completely in a different Technology Orbit

Model Y seems to be on plan, the outside construction is now complete

Based on the above, we think the following is happening:

TSLA will very likely announce that Model S and Model X have reached their end-of-life, and if anyone wants to buy these cars, for whatever reason, have up until June-July'2020 to buy one

TSLA focus for next 2 years will likely be the following:

70% Effort on Model Y
30% Effort on Model 3

Our research is indicating that demand for Model Y will easily be 3x that of Model 3

2 Years from now, we think TSLA will Launch CyberTruck and maybe CyberCar

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