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What are you playing?

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dipsylalapo    1,646

I've played and am currently playing what I think are the two best worst games this year (so far)


Played through the Crackdown 3 campaign - Regardless of how hard I tried to get into this game, it just felt uninspiring. Despite having a huge open world, outside of the areas that you need to beat to progress, nothing much happens. I liked the variety of areas that you need to beat, car garages, train stations and mines. All of which provided slightly different challenges. There was nothing in the game that even came close to the first or second in terms on wow factor. MS really let the ball drop on this one. Despite all of that, I couldn't put it down and kept playing through all of the campaign. 


Currently playing through Just Cause 4. If you've played any of the the other games, it's some of the same and a whole lot more. They seem to have changed the way you win territory which was a challenge to understand when you mash through the scenes explaining it all. I've played around 4/5 hours and most of the missions are pretty much the same which variances in the setting. All of the them involve, going to a location, finding a console/switch/power supply and the hacking/blowing up or protecting said item. They've made some changes around the grapple hook, which gives you a lot more stuff to play with, but makes it pain to just use sometimes. In spite of all of this, I can't put it down 😂

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spikey_richie    208
Posted (edited)

PC: Diablo 3, still!

Switch: SBU at work with colleagues

XB1: Mostly quick trials of free Gold titles, or the Gwent deck builder.

Android: AxE which is a lot like Lineage II but more PvP, and Disney Heroes

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techbeck    6,661

Just finished Far Cry New Dawn.    Was pretty good.

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