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Dumb Dad won't let me have XP

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KC    0
I'm sorry but it needs to be said:


:no: Just you... :p


Seriously though, just put XP on the computer and head over to a friends and stay there for a bit. You'll come back and everything'll be totally groovy.

or when you come back your ****'s packed and on the door step.

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Captain Crunch    0
I have windows xp now on my slave hard drive...:yes:s:

thanks for all your help (and sorry for me wanting to close this thread lol)

HAVE A GLASS OF CHAMPAGNE! Champers all aroun:D:D


Just thread thru this thread... and erm ur still egging him on to do it...

HE ALREADY HAS!:rolleyes:s::laugh:h:

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