Android Q beta 4 is out with final APIs

Google today released the fourth beta of Android Q, the next major feature update for its mobile operating system. The new build is right on schedule, as the company promised from day one that the fourth beta would arrive in early June.

This update includes two key milestones. It has final APIs, and you can now publish your apps that target Android Q (API 29) to the Google Play Store. Updates can be pushed to users, who can start testing your apps compatibility with the new update. Developers can add things like dark theme support, dynamic depth if the app accesses the camera, and more.

Of course, even if you're not targeting Android Q with your app, Google wants you to download your app from the Play Store and make sure that it works.

After this, there will be two more betas, which will be release candidates. Those are both scheduled to arrive in Q3, followed by general availability.

If you've got a Pixel device that's running the beta, there's nothing that you need to do to get today's update. It will show up as an OTA within a day or two. If you're on a third-party device, that timeline will be up to the OEM.

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