Beware: AMD's Windows 11 graphics drivers might be messing up Ryzen CPU settings in the BIOS

AMD Ryzen and Radeon in a laptop

Last month, AMD released its Radeon Super Resolution (RSR) image upscaling technology support via its Radeon Adrenalin 22.3.1 WHQL driver update, a feature that works quite well as per visual testing.

However, perhaps unbeknownst to AMD, the driver might have introduced an issue into the firmware as a result of which the Ryzen processor settings may become all messed up or reset. A ComputerBase forum user 'der-Kalli' reports this problem which they noticed after upgrading to the 22.3.1 driver. Digging around, we also find some others online, like this Redditor with the username "gaojibao", who came across somewhat similar issues back in January.

The problem may be stemming from the "Auto Overclock" feature that AMD added with its Radeon Adrenalin driver 21.9.1 back in September. In a nutshell, the feature enables CPU and GPU overclocking both in one place, and hence users may not need something more sophisticated like the Ryzen Master utility. However, it's possible that the Radeon driver while accessing the firmware maybe messing up the user made settings. Interestingly, this is also the same driver which enabled Windows 11 support for Radeon GPUs.

In the known issues list for neither of the drivers does AMD mention anything about this bug, so it is possible that the company isn't aware of the problem.

Source: der-Kalli (ComputerBase forum) via gaojibao (Reddit)

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