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Bing Chat will get better formatting for math solutions soon

Bing logo in front of Bing Chat

Microsoft Bing Chat continues to add new features and improvements, most of which go unannounced until they go live to every user of the chatbot. However, one of these small but still interesting improvements was previewed by Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's head of Advertising and Web Services.

Bing chat math

In a Twitter post, Parakhin showed off a new and much better format for showing math solutions in Bing Chat. He stated that it's currently being tested by about 10 percent of Bing Chat users but it should go live to everyone else "soon."

Microsoft recently raised its daily chat turn limit to 200 and its per chat session turn limit to 20. The number one request of users has been for Bing Chat to add a way to save chat session histories. While there have been some online reports stating that feature has been added, Microsoft Vice President for Bing’s Growth and Distribution team, Michael Schechter, responded to our question about that subject on Twitter with two words: "Not yet".

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