Blockbuster UK: 'Record' pre-orders for Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft has yet to get a specific launch date or a price for its recently revealed Xbox One console, but that isn't stopping some retailers from offering pre-orders for the upcoming gaming and entertainment device. One of them is Blockbuster UK which gives residents in that part of the world a way to put down a £20 deposit for the console.

Today, according to a MCV report,  Blockbuster UK claims that since it started taking pre-orders for the Xbox One last week, it has broken all of its previous pre-order records in the 24 year history of the company. Blockbuster UK did not give out specific pre-order figures, with the company's head of games James Morton saying only that Blockbuster UK was " ... delighted by the huge number of pre-orders that we have received so far for the new Microsoft console."

This early response from consumers would seem to show that there is a ton of interest in the Xbox One, even though Microsoft's reveal last week was criticized at the time for not showing enough information on its games. A recent poll on Neowin showed that over 33 percent of the readers who participated said they would buy an Xbox One console at launch, with another 28 percent waiting until 2014 to get the console.

Source: MCV | Image via Blockbuster UK

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