Dataminers detail what's new in version 6.0.0 of the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's Switch Online service is set to launch in the second half of September, and it looks like the company is gearing up for the launch with a new system update for the Nintendo Switch. Rumors of the update popped up earlier this week, and today a Reddit user posted what appears to be the full changelog of the update, thanks to the efforts of data miners.

Aside from preparing to support the Switch Online service, such as the ability to back up save data to the cloud, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot that's new in this update, as Nintendo seems determined not to expand on the functionality of its hybrid console. Here's what the update will include if the information is accurate:

  • Nintendo Switch Online subscription support

  • Save data backup

  • New user icons based on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

  • New controller icons: NES and SNES, as shared by Twitter user @shadowninja108

  • Mitigations against "deja vu", an unreleased Switch exploit

  • Enhanced telemetry to detect exploit utilities among other things

It is interesting to note the introduction of controller icons for NES and SNES controllers, which signals the addition of support for them. It's unclear if this means the controllers bundled with Nintendo's Classic Mini consoles will work with the Switch, but that's the most likely scenario. Nintendo also seems to be doubling down on its efforts to stop piracy with this update.

Earlier this week, Nintendo published information regarding the maintenance times of the Nintendo eShop platform, and there will be a 10-hour long period of downtime on September 10. This is much longer than the usual two-hour period of maintenance time, which probably points towards the launch of the online service as well. With that being said, many details regarding the service are still unclear, so we will have to wait for Nintendo to provide more information.

Source: Reddit via GoNintendo

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