Emergency patch issued for Adobe Flash

Adobe has today issued a patch for critical vulnerabilities in Flash Player that are currently being exploited and have been targeting users of Windows and Mac OS X. The unscheduled patch cleans up bugs that were being used in attacks designed to trick users into downloading booby-trapped Word documents containing malicious Flash code, as well as exploits that targeted Safari and Firefox users in Mac OS X.

Despite the fact that the vulnerabilities are only being actively exploited on Windows and Mac OS X, Adobe has released the patch for all supported operating systems including Linux and Android. It's highly recommended that you update your Flash Player as soon as possible by heading to this link, although users of both Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 will have Flash automatically update so there's no need for any manual downloads.

This isn't the first time Flash has been exploited for malicious means, but it is good to see Adobe issuing unscheduled patches to fix issues as soon as possible. By keeping Flash Player up-to-date, you'll likely be protected from most security issues related to the platform.

Source: Adobe

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