First look at alleged DJI Mavic 2 with slightly revised design and swappable camera

DJI has done a lot for the drone segment over the past few years, releasing new products that not only push the boundaries when it comes to design but also price. The Mavic Pro was one the company's first drones to offer a compact body with a reasonable price. Now, it looks like the firm could be readying a proper successor.

As you might have noticed, the drone seen in the image is not called the Mavic Pro 2, just the 'Mavic 2'. There is speculation that DJI could be readying two new compact drones - one lower- and one higher-end model, with the Mavic 2 being the lower end model. The Mavic 2 has a slightly improved form factor, looking a tad bit sleeker thanks to its rounded edges on the body. While it's difficult to discern all of the changes, the Mavic 2 does seem to retain many similar design elements from the Mavic Pro and Mavic Air, like its folding arms and propellors.

Although unconfirmed, there is also mention of the possibility that the drone's primary camera will be swappable. In the image, the camera on the front of the drone can be seen, along with what looks like a smaller camera towards the bottom left. This camera looks to be attached to a gimbal, which could be offered as a separate setup, similar to what was seen in the GoPro Karma. The new model could also include improved obstacle avoidance.

This is all currently speculation based on this new image but hopefully, DJI will shed some light on new products soon. The firm was scheduled to hold an event later in the month but apparently, that has now been postponed.

Source: DroneDJ

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