Game Informer's information on Borderlands 2 now online

Some information about Borderlands 2 has appeared online, after the game was confirmed to be a reality. Information is limited at best, originating from Game Informer magazine, and having posted on Gematsu. As of yet, no footage for Borderlands 2 has been unveiled.

Game Informer’s information suggests that the game will retain its four-player cooperative play, though will contain four different protagonists. The only protagonist unveiled so far is Salvador, the ‘Gunzerker’. Salvador is able to dual-wield any weapons in the game, as his special ability. Missions in the game are also described as being more ‘dynamic’. For example, you can take too long to arrive during a rescue mission. If you take too long to arrive then the character will presumably be killed, with the story shaping to acknowledge the failure.

A new element has been added to the game, in order to upgrade weapons and vehicles. Named ‘Eridium’, the element allows you to apply upgrades to weapons in order to improve stats. Eridium is also used as a form of currency.

AI has been modified in order to make combat more challenging. In the first game enemies were relatively predictable. Now they will cooperate and work together in order to kill you, rather than merely fighting as individual combatants. These AI improvements have also been carried over to the NPCs, who will now move around instead of being static.

Weapons from the original game will also not be making a return. Gearbox has chosen to add new weapons to the game instead, with each of the fictitious weapon companies in-game having their own weapon design philosophies. This remained the same in the original game, with companies such as Tediore having cheap, entry-level weapons. Some weapons will have custom decals and enhancements placed upon them, in order to further make them unique. Weapon crafting is not mentioned in the issue.

Vehicles are also making a return to the game, though in a more varied form than the 2009 title. One of the vehicles shown is called the ‘Bandit Technical’, though it is not shown in the magazine. A four-seat vehicle is, however, shown.

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