'Games with Gold' for October includes The Walking Dead and Metal Gear Solid

A blog post by Xbox’s Major Nelson has revealed the four games obtainable over the coming month for free on Xbox Live. The 'Games with Gold' program is an ongoing effort to provide free games to Xbox Live users with a paid subscription for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The games chosen for these sales are split across the month, with two being available from October 1 and an additional two titles arriving on October 16. Last month we saw 'Tomb Raider' and 'Crysis 3' offered in the program.

From October 1, story driven puzzle game 'Valiant Hearts: The Great War' will be free on the Xbox One. The game offers a range of strategic, puzzle filled sections, alongside the objective of surviving in the midst of the First World War. The game has been designed with a unique art style, which strongly contributes to the atmosphere. Normally priced at $14.99, the game will be free to Xbox Live Gold members until October 31.

From October 16, hit storyteller ‘The Walking Dead’ will be free for Gold subscribers, offering the entire first season and '400 Days' expansion. The game follows a different story arc to the popular TV series, with some minor crossovers and has massively diverged from both the comic and TV storylines. The game has been highly regarded for its storytelling and how effectively the player can decide on the story’s path.

For Xbox 360 owners, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will be featured, saving players $19.99, based on the ERP. The game follows on from the classic series, as it sets up the story for the recently released Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. While the game doesn't offer as robust of an experience as an average Metal Gear title, it still offers the core traits, suitable for many subsets of gamers. To conclude the month, The Walking Dead will be also free on Xbox 360, featuring episodes one through five and savings of $24.99.

Source: Major Nelson

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