Google belatedly celebrates Atari's Breakout launch with Easter Egg

In case you aren't feeling too productive at work today, Google has you covered. The search engine is celebrating the 36th anniversary of the release of Atari's Breakout game by letting you play a Google version of Breakout.

Folks can find the Easter Egg by going to Google's Image search and searching for "Atari Breakout". The results will rearrange themselves as breakable blocks and users get to destroy them with a bouncing ball recreating the original Pong-inspired Breakout game. 

What's funny about this whole thing is that Google seems to have completely missed the actual anniversary of the game which was released on April 13th, not May. The mistake may have stemmed from a false entry in the game's Wikipedia article which has since been corrected.

Though your significant other might not enjoy an anniversary present that comes a month late, you can definitely enjoy the unending levels of Google's Breakout tribute show off your retro skills by posting your score to Google+ or in the comments below.

 Source and Image: Google

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