Google Chrome 66 now supports Oculus Rift but it's disabled by default

Several months after Google Chrome gained WebVR support, the browser now supports Oculus Rift devices out of the box, sort of. While support is in the latest stable release of the browser, you’ll have to enable functionality in the flags menu. The new flag was found by a Reddit user and several others in the thread confirmed that the feature does work. It should be noted that it’s only supported on Windows 10.

The flag suggests that it will only enable Oculus Rift to work with Chrome so if you’re sitting at home with another device you shouldn’t expect it to work after enabling this flag. If, however, you do own the Oculus Rift, flick the switch and try out Google’s WebVR Experiments and report back on how well they work!

Enabling the functionality is straightforward, just open a new Chrome tab and in the address bar type chrome://flags and search for Oculus and set the resulting option to enabled.

Google is playing a game of catch up on the VR front; Mozilla enabled WebVR support way back in August last year and boasted support for HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift out of the box. It might take a decent while yet until all the popular browsers contain support for most VR headsets but we’re definitely getting closer.

Source: Reddit via Engadget

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