Google Docs adds voice editing and formatting to make dictation easier

Google introduced 'voice typing' to Docs last year, allowing users to write without physically typing in Chrome. Voice dictation without voice editing, however, has always been an awkward and disjointed affair, forcing users to lurch between talking, typing to edit and then speaking once again. Repeat.

Google has now taken the next step, making the writing process more seamless by adding voice-directed editing and formatting to its popular online word processor. The most commonly-used commands have been implemented so far, including copy and paste, selecting text by speaking the phrase or word, and choosing a formatting style before you start dictating.

While initiating voice typing is as easy as choosing it from the Tools menu, the required syntax to edit and format is not as obvious. Google’s support and information page is a helpful resource, detailing how to phrase voice commands. The page will continue to be updated as new features are added.

As with the previous introduction of voice typing last September, the new voice-enabled features are currently only available on Chrome for the desktop on Windows, Mac and Chromebook.

Source: Google Docs blog via VentureBeat

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