Google's Pixel has another camera problem, but this time it's a bit more serious

It was about a month ago that Google Pixel owners began reporting issues with the camera. At the time, it was in regards to a halo or lens flare effect that would appear in some images. Luckily, Google was already aware of the issue and had a fix on the way. Now it appears that a new camera issue has cropped up for some Pixel owners resulting in a phenomenon that is a bit more serious.

The new issue was first reported on the Google Product Forums, and it appears that some users are experiencing a freezing issue preceded by odd pink / purple distortions when using the camera. The problem is not only isolated to the default camera app, but also extends to other third party applications that utilize the camera. Unfortunately, the issue has not been resolved and Google has yet to give a firm answer on what is causing the problem.

Source: Google via GSMArena, MobileSyrup

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