Halo Movie and Triple Pack News

Halo to Head for the Big Screen in 2007

Microsoft and movie studios Fox and Universal have reconfirmed that a movie depicting the Master Chief's exploits is planned for release in the Summer of 2007. After the release of Halo 2 last year, there was rampant speculation that a movie was soon to begin production. After the demands that Microsoft of potential partners in the movie appeared to put a deal on thin ice, partners relented and agreed to give Microsoft complete creative control over the project and a percentage of the revenues. Universal is still slated to handle production and domestic distribution while Fox will handle duties overseas.

News source: GameSpot

Halo Triple Pack?

While the Halo series has sold over 13 million units since the release of the Xbox in late 2001, it appears there is still an audience that Microsoft and Bungie wish to target. A Halo Triple Pack has been spotted for pre-order on EBgames.com, complete with box art, a price of $59.99, and a release date of October 4th. The triple pack includes the original Halo, Halo 2, and the Halo 2 Map Pack. While Microsoft has yet to confirm it, this appearance gives strong merit to the rumors.

View: Halo Triple Pack @ EBgames.com

News source: GameSpot

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