Hello Neighbor is finally coming to the Xbox One and PC on December 8

It has been a while, but Hello Neighbor is finally coming to the Xbox One and PC. The game has been in development for a couple of years, going through a Kickstarter campaign and then eventually landing at publisher tinyBuild Games.

Previously when we reported on the game, it was in alpha, and since that time, a lot has changed. If unfamiliar, the game is being touted as a stealth survival horror title and requires players to break into a neighbor's home to uncover a secret. The premise makes the game sound easy, but the house you'll be breaking into is quite bizarre, offering a maze-like design with plenty of obstacles to prevent easy access. The setting is also paired with the neighbor, who will chase you down and kick you out when you are spotted.

Hello Neighbor will arrive for the Xbox One and PC on December 8. The game is a Play Anywhere title, meaning that users will be able to buy it once from Microsoft and play it on both platforms.

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