How to: install Android on your iPhone, for the non-hacker

We reported two days ago that a certain resourceful linux hacker managed to build a bootable copy of Android that will install on an iPhone 2G. However, the process isn't for the light of digital heart. If you aren't well-versed with Linux, the readme file moving around the Internet yesterday might as well have been written in a foreign language. 

A user-friendly(er) guide has surfaced. It gives very clear, very detailed steps explaining everything you'll have to do to get Android on your iPhone 2G. Even if you haven't used Linux before, the tutorial gives some nice instruction on how to properly set up a Ubuntu installation with VirtualBox. It includes all the patched and modified files you'll need, and walks you through every click and key-press. 

Hopefully, this will help many of the people attempting this from scratch and complaining that it's bricking their iPhones. 

Thanks to efriedman for the tip!

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