If 3DMark 2001SE Crashes On Advanced Pixel Shader Test...

then you probably run it on an ATI Radeon card. The crash seems to be related to an undefined 8bit stencil buffer call in the drivers. Thanks Warp2search for the heads up.

There is hope though because you can workaround this problem via the registry...

  • Run regedit

  • Search the registry for ZFormats

  • When it comes up with the first successful search, look to the large panel in the right hand side of the registry editor; there should be a list of commands

  • Look for the command that says Default - it will most likely have the number 3 after it

  • Double-click on the Default word, and a new window will pop up. In the bottom part, where it has the number "3" highlighted, change this to 15 and then click the OK button

  • Now press the F3 button at the top of your keyboard to continue your search
  • You should find a few more entries for ZFormats; just look for those that have the Default command in them and change them all to "15" - remember to press F3 to search again each time
  • Once you have changed all the settings over, close regedit and then reboot your PC

  • Start 3DMark 2001 SE up but remember to check the test settings, by default it will now use a 32-bit z-buffer instead of the usual 24-bit z-buffer. There is a performance difference between the two and you can lose mark when running with a 32-bit z-buffer
News source: Rage3D Community

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