Is this the iPhone 5?

The iPhone 5 rumors are in full swing and there seems to be no shortage of fresh rumors circling the web. A new image, sent to 9to5mac by a tipster, shows what might just be the iPhone 5.

The image can not be verified but it does look like a new mobile device from Apple that we have not seen before.  While there are some discrepancies in the image, versus previously leaked information, it was reported that the above individual is an Apple employee.

Little else is known at this point but 9to5mac did say that they did their best to check out the individual’s (who tipped the picture) background and feel that it is a new Apple device; most likely a prototype iPhone 5.

There is not much else to go on at this point in time, but as the expected announcement date gets closer and more people become familiar with Apple’s plans, we should start to get a better idea of what the new phone will bring to the table.

Until Apple makes any announcement, all details are subject to change. But, this image does give us the best look at what might be the iPhone 5 to date.

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