Leak: Samsung Galaxy S20's display will run at 60Hz out of the box

The leaks around the Galaxy S20 series continue to make their way to the internet ahead of its official announcement in about three weeks from now. A previous leak had revealed that while the Galaxy S20 will come with a 120Hz display, it will be limited to only FHD+ resolution. At QHD+ resolution, the display can only be used at 60Hz. Now, leaker MaxWinebach says that out of the box, the S20's display refresh rate will be set to 60Hz.

Despite shipping its flagship devices like the Galaxy S9, S10, and Note10 with QHD+ displays, Samsung sets the display resolution to FHD+ out of the box. At FHD+ resolution, Samsung could have shipped the Galaxy S20 series with the default refresh rate set to 120Hz. However, the company has seemingly decided otherwise possibly due to battery life concerns.

Internal code in One UI 2.0 points to Samsung offering users an option to manually switch the refresh rate between 60Hz and 120Hz.

The leaker also says that the top-end variant of the Galaxy S20 series - the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - will feature a stainless steel chassis. Samsung's flagship phones have so far made use of an aluminum chassis, with iPhones being the only premium smartphone out there to feature a stainless steel.

Weinbach also shared some information about the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung's second foldable smartphone that will be launched alongside the Galaxy S20. He says that the device can be locked into two different positions: 90-degree and 180-degree. In the 90-degree position, apps like Google Duo or Camera will only use the top part of the display.

As a throwback to clamshell phones of the 2000s, the Galaxy Z Flip will also automatically terminate ongoing calls when one closes the display.

Source: Max Weinbach (Twitter)

The Galaxy S20 series is easily shaping up to be one of the most impressive smartphone launches of this year. Are you looking forward to its release? Sound off in the comments below!

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