Leaked video shows camera app features in Windows Phone 8.1

The early Windows Phone 8.1 SDK that was sent to a few developers in February continues to be the source for many Internet articles and videos, which attempt to show off what Microsoft will be putting in the next major update for its mobile OS. This week, a video from Unleash The Phones offers up what users might expect from the camera application.

The clip, posted on YouTube, shows that the default camera app will simply be called Microsoft Camera. The video indicates that the left side of the app will have a number of icons that can be customized to give users fast access to various settings and functions. The UI allows for users to scroll through a series of selections, such as Flash, ISO, and others, that can be picked for quick access.

The right side of the app will have icons of their own for different camera modes like Single Photo, Burst Mode and Video. Each mode has its own customization settings, such as selecting how many images can be taken in Burst Mode. All in all, Microsoft Camera looks like it took a few lessons from Nokia's own camera app for Windows Phone and put them to good use.

Microsoft has still not confirmed anything about Windows Phone 8.1 but the company should reveal a lot more about the OS in early April at the BUILD developer conference in San Francisco. Neowin will be attending and will report on all of the big news from the conference.

Source: Unleash The Phones on YouTube

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