Leaked video shows Wi-Fi Sense in Windows Phone 8.1

An early build of the Windows Phone 8.1 SDK made its way to a few developers in February and since then, the Internet has played host to a number of articles and videos showing off what will be included in Microsoft's mobile OS update. The latest info comes from a video that shows off the Wi-Fi features of the operating system.

The brief clip on UnleashThePhones' YouTube channel shows how users will be able to turn off Wi-Fi on their handset for a brief period before it comes back on again automatically. Wi-Fi connections can be stopped for one hour, four hours or one day in addition to the regular manual selection.

The other feature shown in the video is what Microsoft is calling Wi-Fi Sense. If a user goes to a Wi-Fi hotspot regularly, this feature will let them to save their login and password information. This will enable them to login automatically the next time the phone "senses" that the Wi-Fi hotspot is available. 

Finally, Wi-Fi Sense includes a feature where users can actually share their hotspot connection information with others via their Outlook.com, Skype and Facebook contacts. So if a group of friends gather at the same hotspot, one person can simply send that login and account info to their buddies without the others having to type it in manually.

Microsoft has yet to officially confirm anything about Windows Phone 8.1 but it is expected to be officially revealed in early April as part of the company's annual BUILD developer conference.

Source: UnleashThePhones on YouTube

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