Microsoft architect writes about project to add new extensions to C#

A team at Microsoft has been working for the past four years on a project that aims to bring some new “systems programming” extensions to the C# language. This week, the leader of that effort, Joe Duffy, quietly revealed the first details of this effort on his blog site.

Duffy writes that the ultimate goal is to "eventually open source this thing" but that there is still some work to do before that happens. That will include having the code work with the upcoming "Roslyn" compiler which is expected to be completed in the near future.

So why create a new programming extension to C# in the first place? Duffy explains his thoughts via a graph which he says shows how some coding languages tend to have better performance while others have more safety and productivity features. He states:

Our top-level goal was to explore whether you really have to choose between these quadrants. In other words, is there a sweet spot somewhere in the top-right? After multiple years’ of work, including applying this to an enormous codebase, I believe the answer is “Yes!”

The highly technical post then goes over the primary features in this new C# extension project, including async programming at scale, a new modern error profile and more. Duffy says that he is "eager" to get some feedback on their project and concludes the post by saying, "Ultimately, I eagerly await the day when we can share real code."

Source: Joe Duffy's Blog via Microsoft News | Image via Joe Duffy

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