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Samsung offers a future with lots of touchscreeen displays in concept video

Samsung has been teasing us with the prospect of devices that have flexible touchscreen displays for some time, but in a recently unearthed video from their display division, the company goes all out to offer a future where interactive screens, including ones that can fold and bend, are pretty much everywhere.

The video was uploaded to the Samsung Display YouTube channel in November but went unlisted; it was found earlier this week by TechnoBuffalo. The three minute clip begins with a man taking a sip from his coffee thermos. However, it also has a touchscreen display that curves completely around the object. It's used to scan the man's finger that can then reveal his current health, in some unexplained way.

The rest of the video shows other displays that are curved and folded for various products, such as a chopping board that can read the calories of the food that's being prepared. One sequence shows a girl at school that use tablet screens which are unbreakable, as evidenced by one of them falling to the floor unscathed. Even a car window can be turned into a interactive screen in this future world.

The interesting (some might say scary) thing about the video is that the technology needed to make this touchscreen future timeline a reality is not that far away. It will be interesting to see how many of Samsung's Display ideas come true in the next five to 10 years.

Source: Samsung Display on YouTube via TechnoBuffalo

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