Microsoft Opens Source Code Further

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Despite its much-popularized mistrust of the open source model, Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) inched another step in that direction Thursday with an expansion of its Shared Source Initiative, a program which gives access to the Windows source code to certain customers, partners, developers and academics.

Microsoft's latest move makes systems integrators -- like Compaq Global Services or Avande Inc. -- eligible for the program through the Systems Integrator Source Licensing Program (SISLP).

The Redmond software juggernaut characterizes the program as "a balanced approach that makes source code more broadly available while preserving the intellectual property rights that sustain a strong software business."

While a far cry from actually open sourcing Windows code, the SISLP stands to make the jobs of systems integrators that deliver Windows-based solutions and Windows support services much easier. With access to the Windows source code, Microsoft said systems integrators will be able to offer deep security analysis and privacy verification, rapidly troubleshoot customer issues and offer performance tuning for custom applications running on Windows.

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