Microsoft releases new Surface videos, continues to downplay iPad

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it would start providing its Surface tablets to an expanded number of authorized resellers, in the hopes that the hardware will be bought and used by more businesses. Microsoft is now trying to show the world that many companies and individuals are already using the Surface tablet to replace laptops for their work.

In a series of new videos posted on the Surface YouTube channel, Microsoft shows a variety of different scenarios for using the Surface hardware. In the video above, it shows how the exercise company FlyWheel Sports has installed Surface RT tablets at its many location for its customers to check in to work out on a specific bike on a set day with a pre-selected instructor. The Surface RT also keeps track of each person's exercise stats while they are working out at their location.

Yet another video shows how the doctors at the Palmetto Health medical health group use the Surface to keep track of data for their patients. The video adds that the group tried to use the iPad for the same work but found that Apple's tablet didn't have enough performance to handle their tasks. Also, the iPad required a remote log in to work for their system, something the Surface does not need.

The video collection includes a chat with Marcus Bluestein, the Chief Technology Officer of Kraft Kennedy, which helps to create and maintain IT systems for law firms. Bluestein says in the video that the Surface Pro has replaced his iPad, his laptop and even his desktop for his work. He uses all of his corporate and productivity applications on the tablet, which he says is something he was unable to do with the iPad.

Source: Surface on YouTube

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