Microsoft Surface Pro launch may get its own TV commercial

The launch of Microsoft's Windows RT version of its Surface tablet was preceded 11 days ahead of time by a rather unique looking TV commercial that had some impressive looking dance choreography. The director of the ad was Jon M. Chu, who has directed a number of feature films such as Step Up 2 and 3D, and has the upcoming G.I. Joe Retaliation due for release in theaters on March 29th. Video advertising analysis firm Ace Metrix later called the TV spot the most effective commercial of the year for a tablet.

Today, Microsoft's leader of the Surface division, Panos Panay, strongly hinted that the upcoming launch of the Surface Pro tablet could get its own TV spot. In a post on his Twitter account, he states:


We doubt that Panay would make such a post out in the open just to have a friendly chat with Chu. If we were to make a bet, we would guess this message is meant as a "heads up" that the launch of the Windows 8 Pro-based version of the Surface tablet is going to get its own TV ad campaign and that Chu will be returning to direct the ad.

Chu has also posted up something on his own Twitter account that has him mentioning a "secret" project:


The Surface Pro is currently scheduled to launch sometime before the end of January, although Microsoft has yet to give a specific launch date. As we have reported, the 64 GB version will sell for $899 while the 128 GB tablet will be priced at $999.

Update: Chu has now responded to Panay's Twitter post about directing another Surface TV commercial with, "yes! But we gotta go even bigger:)."

Source: Panos Panay on Twitter

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