MS Media Player tech gets InterVideo Linux port

The business-devouring GPL drew closer to Fort Redmond this week, with the news that InterVideo has been licensed to port the companys Windows Media Technologies to Linux. Which means if Microsofts highly-imaginative past claims about open source are true (which theyre not), the dreaded cancer will munch its way first through Windows Media Player, then by virtue of that products integration in XP, through the Windows empire, then through the whole of Microsoft and before you know it, rats, there goes the whole world economy.

Or something. Even Microsoft must be trying to downplay this sort of nonsense these days (which is why its such fun to remind people), and business is business. The InterVideo deal itself indicates that Microsoft is more concerned about getting Windows Media technologies accepted as a standard than it is about trying to hobble Linuxs multimedia capabilities, and it also places Microsofts IP several decks away from La Peste.

InterVideo currently produces LinDVD, a Linux version of its WinDVD DVD player. WinDVD is a consumer application, while LinDVD "is currently available only to manufacturers for evaluation and integration." Its based on MontaVistas embedded Linux, and is aimed at Linux-based consumer devices. LinDVD itself is not open source, and should billg care to buff-up on what his people have got him into this week, he could check out the licensing section of MontaVistas FAQ, which deals in some detail with Linux IP issues.

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