MyDoom Attacks Through Back Door

As many security researchers feared after analyzing the code for MyDoom.O, a second, related attack began in earnest Tuesday with a new piece of code using the back door installed by MyDoom.O to spread itself and launch a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack against

MyDoom.O, also known as MyDoom.M or MyDoom.M@mm, installs a Trojan known as Zincite.A on every PC that it infects. The Trojan opens TCP port 1034 and listens for further commands. Zindos spreads itself by scanning for machines listening on port 1034. When it finds one, Zindos copies itself to the infected PC and then Zincite executes the copy. Zindos then creates an executable file and launches a DDoS attack against Microsoft Corp.'s main Web site. Some earlier versions of MyDoom also attacked the company's site. Microsoft's site appeared to be unaffected by the activity.

News source: eWeek

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