New secret Microsoft project, codenamed Beihai, is in development

It's fun to sleuth around and try to uncover what a company is doing by searching their job postings. For example, in 2014 we reported that Microsoft appeared to be porting Cortana over to Windows based on some job postings on the company's website.

Today, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley dug into a tip from Twitter user @h0x0d that noticed several job postings on Microsoft's career site were referencing a "Project Beihai." While many believed this was a codename for an upcoming video game, she's being told it's in fact a new consumer-focused Windows app that's under development by Corporate Vice President Kudo Tsundoa's new Windows Apps Studio team. In addition, the new project is supposed to work with HoloLens but is not specifically designed for HoloLens and will be available on other Windows 10 devices as well.

A cached job posting sheds a little more light on the HoloLens connection, looking for a Program Manager on a team that is "now focusing on building groundbreaking 3D experiences across all devices: phone, tablet, desktop and HoloLens." Other than this vagueness, we're not sure what it is, and Microsoft has since pulled all references to Beihei from their career page.

Source: Twitter via Mary Jo Foley

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