Next gen. iPod Touch makes an appearance on eBay? [Update]

9to5mac is reporting that two iPod Touch prototypes had been posted on eBay and have since been removed. This, along with some of the devices' characteristics, lead many to believe that they were, indeed, legitimate iPods.

The devices contained video cameras and ran a strange prototype version of the iPhone OS that is used for testing purposes. They were also branded as DVT-1 and DVT-2 and came with Apple Development Team stickers on them. The online community has been well aware of Apple's plans to include a camera in their next-gen iPod Touch ever since they failed to implement it in time for the last product launch.

Below is a gallery containing some of the pictures posted on eBay.

UPDATE: It's possible that these prototypes are leftover from last year's 3rd generation iPod Touch rumors. However, the device pictured back then was not labeled as a dev unit, as these two are.

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